The EPIC Birthday Board Game Challenge!

The EPIC Birthday Board Game Challenge!

Happy Birthday To Me! I got absolutely SPOILED this past weekend for my birthday! The boys bought me a ton of games including; Doomlings, Honey Buzz, Canvas, a Sagrada expansion, and Suburbia, and my in-laws bought me HEAT! Because of all of these games, I set a challenge for us to play 36 games! Here’s how it went!

Birthday Board Game Challenge

Birthdays are special occasions to celebrate and of course, have fun. For some, that fun comes in the form of parties or dinners, but for me and my family, it’s all about board games!! This year, we decided to take our love for board games to the next level with the #birthdayboardgamechallenge – an ambitious attempt to play 36 different games in just one day. Little did we know, it would turn into an unforgettable adventure. Scroll down for the entire list of games we played this weekend!

The Initial Challenge:
The excitement was palpable as we gathered around the table on a snowy day, armed with stacks of board games and plenty of snacks. With high hopes and determined spirits, we dove headfirst into the challenge, aiming to conquer 36 games within a single day. The clock was ticking, and the challenge was on.

The Reality Check:
As the hours passed and the games flew by, we soon realized that our initial goal might have been a tad ambitious. Despite our best efforts, the sheer variety and complexity of the games proved to be more challenging than anticipated. By the end of the day, we had only managed to complete a fraction of our goal – 15 games! To us, this was a huge success, but right then, set a new timeline.

Adapting to the Journey:
Undeterred by our initial setback, we refused to let the challenge go uncompleted. Determined to make the most of the experience, we extended the challenge into a weekend-long event, hoping that a few extra days would give us the time we needed to reach our goal. I had to work all day on Saturday, but that didn’t slow us down when I got home! The boys had snacks and a game set up on the table ready for us to “dive” into… The game was Deep Dive. 

The Weekend Extravaganza:
With renewed enthusiasm, we embarked on the extended challenge, turning our weekend into a whirlwind of board games, laughter, and camaraderie. Each new game we played brought its own unique flavor to the mix. Despite our best efforts, however, the elusive 36-game mark remained just out of reach.

The Final Stretch:
As the weekend came to a close, we found ourselves faced with a dilemma. The deadline was looming, and we still had a significant number of games left to play. Refusing to admit defeat, we made the bold decision to extend the challenge once again, this time giving ourselves a full week to finish what we had started.

Birthday Day Victories:
With each game completed, we felt a sense of accomplishment unlike any other. By the end of the day, we had managed to play a total of 15 games, including four thrilling cases in Micro Macro Crime City. I even documented our journey by drawing pictures of each game and coloring them! I think this might have eaten up a little bit toooo much of our time, but I love to doodle, so it was totally worth it in my books.

Games We Have Played So Far… 

Games Remaining To Play As Of March 21: 11

Reflecting on the Journey:
As I sit here, reflecting on the whirlwind of board games and camaraderie that defined this past week, I can’t help but feel grateful for the experience. While we may not have reached our initial goal of 36 games in one day, the journey itself was worth far more than any arbitrary number. From the moments of triumph to the inevitable setbacks, each twist and turn only served to strengthen our bonds and create lasting memories that we will cherish for years to come.

The #birthdayboardgamechallenge may have started as a simple attempt to play 36 games in a day, but it evolved into something far greater—a testament to the power of friendship, perseverance, and the joy of shared experiences. As we eagerly look forward to the final days of the challenge, I can’t help but feel a sense of excitement for what lies ahead. Who knows what adventures await us in the games yet to be played? One thing is for certain—we’ll face them together, armed with nothing but our dice, our cards, and our unwavering determination to emerge victorious.

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